Incenses not only serve to create an atmosphere, but the objective of the ritual is 0

0.also for peace to prevail in that house where it is burned. They are a quick way to eliminate negativity or attract money and health. They are also essential in meditations. Since ancient times, all civilizations have used incense as a connecting channel victory996.

More than thirty selected herbs mixed with Himalayan roots, through complicated processes and secret formulas discovered by the venerated Lamas centuries ago and passed down from generation to generation, make Himalayan Incense one of the most sought-after in the world.

On our website, you can find a small and select variety of incense. We indicate its properties according to its aroma and the most appropriate hours to burn incense if you have any request.

Jasmine Aroma: Jasmine is of Arab origin, and its aroma is intense and enveloping. It brings optimism, security in ourselves helps with creativity and money, as well as being ideal for meditation.

If you are going to make an economic request, it will be more effective than burning it between noon and sunset.

Lavender Scent: Provides calm, reduces headaches, helps with anxiety, and irritability as it is an emotional balance. For health requests, you can burn incense at any time of the day.

Rose Aroma: Provides well-being, increases fertility, and is ideal for love requests. The hours of the night are the most indicated for love requests, always being aware of the moon phases.

Vanilla flavor: It is best suited to create an intimate atmosphere, although it is also recommended for concentration and self-control. If you are going to purify a house or a business, the first hours of the day are the best.

You can burn incense simply to flavor rooms and create a cozy atmosphere. Our recommendation is that you do it with wooden matches.